Happy When I'm Home

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 Donna Britton Bukevicz    A Musical Journey of Creativity and Collaboration 

Donna Britton Bukevicz, a true force in the music industry, has captivated audiences across the globe with her powerful vocals and remarkable songwriting. Her talent and dedication have led her to share the stage with renowned artists, receive prestigious awards, and make a significant impact in the world of music. 

Donna's musical journey has taken her to legendary venues, including the world-famous "Bluebird" in Nashville and the iconic "Troubadour" in Los Angeles. Her performances at these renowned establishments solidified her reputation as a captivating and dynamic artist. 

Collaboration has been a cornerstone of Donna's career. She has shared the stage with esteemed musicians such as Peter Keys of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Dani Carroll, who toured with Jason Mraz. These collaborations have resulted in unforgettable musical moments that have touched the hearts of many. 

Donna's talent as a songwriter and composer has garnered critical acclaim and industry recognition. She is a Silver Telly Award Winner in 2022 and was nominated for the HMMA Best Song in 2021 for a song she co-wrote with Peter Keys of Lynyrd Skynyrd. Her exceptional songwriting also earned her a spot as a contender for the 92nd Academy Award Oscars in 2020, where two of her songs were among the 75 considered for the prestigious award. Additionally, she was honored with the "Best Song" Award at the 2019 Show Low Film Festival and was a contender in the 2013 Oscars as a vocalist, ranking at #17 on the Awards Circuit list alongside Adele's "Skyfall." 

When Donna is not performing, she dedicates her time to composing and producing songs for various indie producers, authors, and directors. Her creative work extends to the realm of movies, documentaries, and TV series, where she collaborates with emerging indie singer-songwriters, bringing their visions to life. Her passion for nurturing and developing talent shines through in the collaborations she fosters. 

Throughout her illustrious career, Donna has had the privilege of sharing the stage and studio with an impressive array of musicians and bands, including Sir Earl Toon of Kool & The Gang, Peter Keys of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Chris Young, Dave Robbins of Blackhawk, Toby Keith's Trailer Choir Band, The Henningsen Family, Al Jarreau, Don Henley, Billy Idol, Martha Reeves, Frankie Valley & The Four Seasons, and The Bangles. These experiences have enriched her artistry and allowed her to create magical musical moments with fellow luminaries. 

As a testament to her versatility, Donna co-wrote eight of the thirteen original songs featured in the 2022 movie release, "Hashtag Blessed," which can be enjoyed on platforms such as Amazon Prime and Pureflix, a division of Sony Pictures. Her musical expertise extends to her role as a music supervisor and senior songwriter for movies like "Turnover" (Amazon Prime) and "Passage" (Tubi and YouTube), where her soulful voice is the singing voice of the lead actor. Her music has also graced numerous films and television shows, including Sony Pictures, PBS, Peacock, Hulu, Fox Sports, Showtime's "The L Word," VH1's "House of Consignment," MTV, and TVO's Green Heroes web series. 

Donna's passion and dedication extend beyond her performances and collaborations. As the owner and President of Molly Girl Music, LLC, she serves as a Music Supervisor and Creative Music Director for indie-film projects. Her expertise in curating and selecting music for films has made her a respected member of the Guild of Music Supervisors and a voting member for Hollywood Music in Media in Hollywood,


Music Supervisor, Artist & Songwriter Credits

Ocean Child, Hashtag Blessed (13 original songs featured), Turnover, the movie, Passage, Cat Dexx Inkosi, Nashville Unleashed, Cuddle, the documentary, Last Call at Murrays, Our Father, Halloween Party Movie (Oscar Contending Song & Best Soundtrack Winner).

You can read more about Donna at and her company Molly Girl Music, LLC.


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