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SO HERE's MY BACKSTORY (in a nutshell):

I’ve been in the music business my whole life and I actually starting out as an actress in my school play, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown when I was in the 4th grade.  I was the kid in ponytails singing on top of the dog house, howling my heart out!  From there I sang in every school play, joined chorus, the madrigals and studied voice with a Broadway Singer.  In the summer of my freshman year in High School, I joined a rock and roll band as their lead singer.  We practiced in my Mom and Dad’s garage (and we were pretty lousy at the beginning).  We played everything from Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Doobie Brothers, Heart to Whitney Houston.  When I was just barely 19, I left for LA (in the middle of the night) to be a star.   I packed up everything in my little sports car (left the country club life with my parents) and with $87.00 in my pocket, drove from Maryland to Los Angeles (with my boyfriend) to chase after my dream.    While there we played every club there was from The Troubadour, The Roxy, The Bla Bla (at the time the  Bangles were just making it as was Al Jarreau and one night (a very drunk) Mick Jagger, jumped on stage with us to sing.   Oh yeah, I almost forgot about a short tour sharing the stage with Billy Idol (man that guy was wild).

Later on in my career, we performed the black-tie, 5 set a night scene playing private parties, hotels and  clubs from NY to Florida and every state in between.  A few husband’s later, my career took another path placing me in Nashville for nearly 13 years, where I lived in a dual life between Virginia and Nashville pursuing and working as both a publisher and signed writer on the row.   While there I wrote and performed with who were then “unknowns”, members of Lady A, Vinnie Hickerson  of Trailer Choir (from Toby Keith’s label- Show Dog), Chris Young, and a few others that escape my mind at the moment.  I was lucky enough to “Pen” a writing and publishing deal while there and had the opportunity to write with some Top Drawer writers who were landing the number #1's.   

In 2012, I attained an “oscar-nod”  with a song called “Voodoo” (that I sang on), which reached #17 on the awards circuit.   Rumor has it they call me an “oscar-contending vocalist” but I’m a humble gal and rarely boast about that. It all seems rather surreal, really.  

Today, I am a  Music Supervisor, Creative Music Director and Singer-Songwriter and own and operate a One-Stop Sync Shop called Molly Girl Music, LLC.   I work directly with the movie producers and scriptwriters to "create the musical vision" for their projects.   My IMDb link is here.  This is really a wild ride.  Right now I've got 3 movies I'm writing songs for with my creative team.

 On another note (and more heartfelt and in the "giving" department.   I have had the joy of being a Songs of Love Foundation writer for over 15 years composing original songs for children who are ailing.   To date I’ve composed, produced and sang on nearly 400 songs.   These are my true oscars and gold framed awards in knowing that I can help to heal a child who is needs it the most. Many of the children have cancer and life threatening issues but my job is to “lift their spirits up” and bring a smile to their face every time they play their personalized song.    The medicine of music is powerful.   In an effort to stay grounded and in touch with the children of the world, since 2018, I have also been mentoring a handful of students (and quite frankly rising stars), in voice, songwriting, uke, guitar and piano.  My songwriting students are really starting to take off with songs out on various DSP's and one in particular landed a lead role in one of the movies I am a Music Supervisor on.  It's cool stuff.  You can read about these great kids at this link (and on this website).

 I live, breathe and eat music every second of the day.  I am married to the love of my life (for over 20 years) and have two dogs one is a Bernese mountain dog named Paxton, my Molly who is now 13 years old and sweeter than ever.  Life is good.