NEWS April 11, 2024:

I am in the middle of producing a handful of original songs and will be releasing them every few months.     

Stay tuned -- it's gonna be a special group of songs that I'm so excited to get finished and out the door to my friends and family.  I have brought in some great producers to bring my songs to life (Jason Ahlbrandt, Red Guitar Studio in Nashville, Ken Lasso and Nicolas Laget of The Sweet Spot Studio.   The song features a few solo writes as well as songs written with a few of my co-writers like CJ Watson, Jack Bond, and Samir Moussa.  It's a sprinkling of topics, love, loss, beauty, heartache, friendship, family, believing in faith, overcoming obstacles, infidelity, falling in love, and a mother's love.

The song Italy was released on February 14, 2024 and is a solo write.  You can hear it on all streaming platforms (wherever you listen to your music).   Check it out at this link or the spotify below. 



ORIGINAL  SONGS (Unreleased)